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Inspite of troubles, she carried the child to term → a pesar de los problemas llevó el embarazo a término

Existence will probably be a bit much easier in economic terms → La vie va être un peu as well as facile du level de vue financier.

we have been elected for a three-year term (of Office environment) → hemos sido elegidos para un periodo legislativo de tres años

he is not going to seek a third term (of Office environment) as mayor → no irá a por un tercer mandato de alcalde, no renovará por tercera vez su candidatura como alcalde

We did numerous secondary analyses, produced a priori. Firstly, since gluten can be a component of equally refined grains and full grains, which can be Every single purported to be linked to coronary heart disease, we utilized multivariable models examining the association in between believed gluten consumption and coronary heart disease with extra adjustment for refined grain intake and complete grain intake. Secondly, we did stratified analyses by age (

to inform sb sth in no unsure terms → dire qc chiaro e tondo a qn, dire qc a qn senza mezzi termini

Observe: We only request your e mail deal with to ensure that the person you might be recommending the page to knows that you wished them to see it, and that it is not junk mail. We do not see this seize any email handle.

predicate - (logic) what's predicated of the subject of a proposition; the next term within a proposition is predicated of the initial term by the use of the copula; "`Socrates is a man' predicates manhood of Socrates"

Finish-notes and footnotes are bundled whenever the skin resources are made use of, whether it's a paraphrasing or maybe a direct quotation. Footnotes ought to be extra at the end of the page wherever an outdoor resource is employed. End-notes needs to be included at the end of the paper.

10. (Architecture) architect Also known as: terminal, terminus or terminal determine a sculptured post, esp one particular in the shape of the armless bust or an animal on the best of the square pillar

statement - a concept which is stated or declared; a conversation (oral or written) location forth particulars or points etcetera; "Based on his statement he was in London on that day"

Following consulting with publication professionals at the APA, OWL staff acquired that the APA 6th version, initial printing sample papers have incorrect samples of Operating heads on webpages after the title webpage.

It had been universally agreed, among many of the domestic, from Dinah all the way down to the youngest urchin, that Skip Ophelia was decidedly "curis,"--a term by which a southern servant implies that their betters Will not precisely match them.

For participants with missing dietary facts, we used The newest previous dietary reaction on record. Because the development of a major illness may perhaps result in a major change in dietary patterns, and In order to reduce the potential for reverse causality, we suspended updating dietary reaction details for members who produced diabetes, heart problems (such as stroke, angioplasty, or coronary artery bypass graft surgical treatment), or most cancers. For these kinds of sufferers, the cumulative regular dietary gluten price before the event of the prognosis was carried forward right until the tip of observe-up.32

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